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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a husband-and-wife team of consultants with 20+y + experience as senior managers in international and Polish organizations. Our complimentary and diverse training, knowledge and experience provide a fully comprehensive package of managerial skills. We have been responsible for large development projects in the IT, Hospitality, Furniture, Oil & Gas, Finance, Insurance, Training, Gaming & Entertainment industries.

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Our Story

The sea connected us and was our great Master of life and management.  We learnt the humbleness of balanced assessment, necessity of teamwork, power of resilience, weight of responsibility, value of informed and tough decision making, and the full impact of errors on everybody’s safety.

Meet The Team

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Executive level manager with extensive experience in financial and operational fields.  He worked for a North American bank in their UK head office gaining experience in numerous management and special project roles.

Following a change of career direction, graduating with a BSc (hons) in Ocean Sciences, joined an offshore exploration company rising through technical management, to overall responsibility over the last 10 years for the entire offshore operation. 

Mr Westwood has completed NLP for coaching and NLP Advanced coaching through the London NLP School.

Mr Westwood has extensive experience and specialist skills in both Crisis & Risk management, Operational excellence, Logistics, HR, and Team Leadership and Development.   He also has highly developed verbal and written skills in both operational, contractual and financial management.

Mr Westwood specializes in executive and senior leadership consultancies, in English, with emphasis on risk analysis and crisis management, Team development, business advisory and the development of excellent communication skills.

Following successful completion of her Medical Degrees, Dr. Westwood began her training and management journey in the IT sector.  She then moved into the EA GAmes taking responsibility for bringing some of the best-known games to the Central European markets.

Mrs. Westwood then transitioned into sales management receiving AS of EMPIK for her success marketing entertainment products in Polish retails networks.  

Mrs. Westwood relocated to Finland for a Nokia taking charge of global program rollouts, building local and international remote teams in 40 countries.  She gained vast knowledge of international pioneering projects, sales management, deal closing as well as multicultural and financial operations in a highly demanding environment. Obtained PMP.

After return to Poland established her consulting business where she worked with numerous small and medium Polish companies.  The experience gained in many industries and diverse senior roles enabled her to assist many of these corporations set up effective management, sales, and production systems.  Mrs. Westwood obtained her Masters in neurolinguistics based on the work of R. Dilts and S. Gilligan and began incorporating work as a personal Mentor into her business.  The combination of personal mentoring and business consulting have enabled her to accomplish consistent successes with a very diverse clientele ranging from individuals and small business owners through to international production companies and hotel groups.

Mrs. Westwood is currently developing Generative Change methods as a critical business tool in the volatile and fast changing world and is working with both international and local groups.

She specializes in complex problem analysis and solution/strategy building, innovation, change management, group dynamics, empowerment of the leaders of all levels. Very fond of building and implementing brands values and implementation of them within the company. Loves gardening, and human health in all its aspects.

Our Clients

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