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Exclusive Services

We provide the wide range of tailored workshops and individual consultancies designed to meet the dynamic challenges faced by business and their leaders. 

Disruptive world challenges need exeptional leadership and our suite of exclusive services will ensure your business is able to meet them. 

AMC provide assistance to corporations in identifying promotion potential, guiding newly promoted senior managers and executives to fulfil their own potential, and increasing the value of their contribution to the development and success of the business.

Successful team performance far exceeds the sum of its individual members.

AMC will assist managers to build and maintain effective and efficient teams.  AMC conduct team development sessions to address key areas of integration and performance, essential for successful teams.

Managerial Workshops 

Every team goes through tough times and challenges which inhibit fully effective performance. Every manager experiences inconsistency in team performance from time to time.  By creating the space AMC assist team leaders and members to identify and resolve these issues in a safe environment leading to a rapid transformation of the team harmony and overall business success. 


Effective feedback is one of the most complex and vital managerial skills. Successful leaders possess the necessary skills to both give and receive constructive feedback from managers, team-members, and peers.  The ability to remain emotionally detached focusing on the facts, providing, and accepting constructive guidance and suggestion greatly enhances managerial performance and business success. Specialized, expert, guidance for leaders on the correct language, posture and attitude for successful dialogue is provided by AMC during individual and team mentoring sessions.


Developing High Performance Integrated Teams

Businesses today often require exceptional performance from teams.  AMC assist business leaders to develop impeccable communication lines within teams; to utilize innovative problem solving and conflict resolution techniques; and identify and utilize the strengths and weaknesses of team members to generate a high-performance team.

Strategic planning and Crisis Management 

Brand Value Design

Business English Workshops

Mangerial Mentoring 

Advanced Business Communications 

Generative Problem Solving 

Executive English Consultancies

Let's Work Together

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