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Managerial Workshops

Very few employees recognize that becoming a manager or each promotion is a vast change on the level of individual identity. It usually requires new attitude and skills that are often not apparent at the first glance.

We support individuals to recognize this change and its natural processes to successfully achieve this transition.

Organizational and human skills are vital in maturing in the new positions.  AMC helps to reinforce analytical skills as well as strengthen capacity to adapt and innovate.  

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Developing Direct Reports

The development of direct reports is key to facilitating greater scope for achieving the strategic objectives of the business.  A good leader dedicates sufficient resources to building a team of highly competent direct reports.  Personal development plans must be tailored specifically for each member of the reporting team identifying areas to improve, milestones to achieve and how the leader can assist in the development process.  AMC guide leaders in the development and execution of subordinate development plans.

Businesses today often require exceptional performance from teams.  AMC assist business leaders to develop impeccable communication lines within teams; to utilize innovative problem solving and conflict resolution techniques; and identify and utilize the strengths and weaknesses of team members to generate a high-performance team.


New Team Start-Up
Successful leaders secure the best performances from their teams. When a leader is appointed to manage a team or create a new team AMC mentoring provides the necessary skills to: explicitly express the  expectations and objectives for the team;

to work with the team members to determine the ground rules for the operation of the team;

to create a shared coherent plan with the team;

to identify the differing styles and skill sets that exist within a team; and

how to maximise the contribution of everyone in the team to achieving the business objectives.


Prioritizing Activities

Leaders are a business’s most valuable assets. The greater control and management of time a leader demonstrates the greater the contribution to the business. The Pareto principle states, "20% of what you do provides 80% of the value." The key to excellence in leadership is identifying what constitutes the 20% and focusing on those tasks. Routine and mundane tasks should be analyzed and either eliminated or delegated.   AMC assist leaders identify and focus their energies on the optimal tasks.

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